Día a día, Marchon Eyewear se esfuerza por marcar la diferencia para todas las partes implicadas.


Esto se consigue brindando el mejor servicio y valor posible a nuestros clientes y profesionales del cuidado de la visión, convirtiéndonos en el socio favorito de nuestros licenciatarios y proveedores y siendo la mejor empresa para nuestros trabajadores y las comunidades en las que viven.

*Via its Advanced Circular Recycling technologies, Eastman produces circular products that are certified by the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC) by mass balance allocation.


Marchon Eyewear se enorgullece de poder ayudar a través de VSP Eyes of Hope, una plataforma benéfica global totalmente financiada por empresas de VSP Global. En colaboración con oftalmólogos, Eyes of Hope apoya a comunidades locales de todo el mundo a través de iniciativas que amplían el acceso al cuidado de la vista, a gafas y que ayudan en catástrofes donde más falta hace. Hasta la fecha, más de 2 millones de adultos y niños en situación de necesidad se han beneficiado de las iniciativas de Eyes of Hope.


Another way we are reducing energy consumption, is by replacing our incandescent lighting with LED lighting in the distribution center and office buildings.

To limit energy usage, hardware is turned off at the end of shifts, timers are utilized on heating systems/boiler and coffee and vending machines.

Marchon is committed to trying to simplify and eliminate waste – in office spaces, warehouses and in all buildings globally. In our supply chain, we have significantly reduced the number of plastics and cardboards used for packaging included in shipments by utilizing void filler made of 50% recycled plastic, moving toward wooden crates and the elimination of PVC straps and bubble wrap. Residual waste is separated from paper and plastic, to try to ensure that our employees are always recycling.


Dragon, one of Marchon’s proprietary brands and a leader in the performance eyewear space with deep roots in the action sports world, has entered an ongoing partnership with The Surfrider Foundation in Spring 2020 as the title sponsor of their Clean Water Initiative – a multi-tiered approach to tackle ocean pollution. After years of supporting Surfrider’s Surf Industry Coastal Defender program, Marchon was ready to take the next step to further help protect our oceans. With Dragon’s backyard being the beautiful beaches of Southern California and its deep heritage in surf, it was the perfect timing to become more involved. Without healthy waterways, we can’t enjoy what we love.

© 2022 Marchon Eyewear, Inc. All Rights Reserved. | POLÍTICA DE PRIVACIDAD
© 2022 Marchon Eyewear, Inc. All Rights Reserved. | POLÍTICA DE PRIVACIDAD